above a stream and amongst the leaves

this steep and seasonal river runs through a nature conservation in rural South Africa and towards the mountains of the waterberg

The brief

a living room that stretches all the way to those faraway mountains; a bedroom that cocoons; a bathroom that orientates thought; a home that treats water with dignity

The idea

the originating idea was to root the bedrooms and bathrooms on the rocks, whilst allowing the living spaces to float above the stream the building is organised as two small en-suite bedrooms separated by a generous living space connected to the landscape

The materials

the building deliberately utilises a very humble set of materials the walls and floors and beams are all constructed from a rough stock brick; selected to match the site’s weathered sandstone the cantilevered decks are constructed from timber,
whilst stack-away doors allow for inside and outside to merge into a single space

The program

the building offers to its inhabitants two small en-suite bedrooms with views towards the north the interior living space and northern and southern decks merge into a single space this flexible space is designed to allow for cooking and eating and living below this main space, the seasonal river runs and falls

Closing thoughts

running water reflects nothing. therein lies its beauty

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