a contemporary cabin - a respite from urbanity

the site sits in a rural world two hours from the city;
an escape from the hustle and lights and noise and bustle

The Brief

a bedroom that opens itself out into the treescape;
that invites in the smells, and wind, and rustle;
a bathroom that grounds itself against the landscape;
that speaks of earth, and rock, and shrub

The idea

the originating idea was to create two wings;
one wing would house the kitchen, the bathroom, and its private court
whilst the other wing would house a living room, a bedroom, and courtyard onto which this bedroom could spill.
these two wings would then be connected by a timber bridge which would serve as the outside living space.
further cantilever elements would serve as outside balconies

The materials

the building utilises a very simple set of materials.
the two wings are constructed from local timbers which are vertically oriented.
this serves to exaggerate the proportions of these two elements.
the ‘bridge’ portions of the building are constructed from ‘yakisugi’ burnt timber which is horizontally lapped.
the horizontal lapping serves to further exaggerate the different elements which make up the composition

The program

the building offers to its inhabitants a bathroom with private views out over the planted courtyard, a bedroom with its own private outdoor space,
a kitchen and living room (both with remarkable views down the slope),
and an outside living space – which really is at the heart of this building

Closing thoughts

embrace always the nature in things