workshops in the wild

the site sits alongside a small stream; surrounded by dense bush and tall trees

The brief

a workshop that allows for work to be done amongst the trees; that protects from the sun and downpour; that allows for wood to be worked and steel to be welded; but never at the expense of the surrounds

The idea

the generating idea was to split the workshop into two thin roofed structures, that could work together to create multiple spaces in which to work the buildings are organised as two thin buildings which fit snugly between the existing trees the cutout from the larger of the two buildings is designed to accommodate the shape of an existing tree this cutout also serves to separate the interior workshop and tool storage from exterior workshop areas

The materials

the building is designed as simply and robustly as possible the walls, floor, ceiling and roof are all constructed from the same rough stock brick this reduction in materials leads to a building that expresses its sculptural form very clearly and allows the building to get better with age and weathering

The program

the building offers the user a north-facing interior workshop and tool storage area which overlooks the stream whilst to the south are the exterior roofed working areas and the working court the cutout allows for a natural garden to be cultivated around the existing tree

Closing thoughts

patina is the value that age gives an object; it comes from a life lived