a bed amidst the trees; a shower amongst the rocks

the site sits in a nature conservation in rural South Africa; where trees and shrubs and rocks create the architectural backdrop for any home

The brief

a bedroom that opens itself out into the treescape; that invites in the smells, and wind, and rustle; a bathroom that grounds itself against the landscape; that speaks of earth, and rock, and shrub

The idea

the originating idea was to root the bathroom into the rockscape, whilst allowing the bedroom to float amongst the trees the building is organised as a long thin building which allows it to fit snugly between the forest trees the two chimneys are not only essential to the structure of the building, but also naturally ventilate the bedroom (the building was designed in such a manner as to not disturb any tree during construction)

The materials

the building utilises a very simple set of materials the bathroom and chimneys are constructed from a rough stock brick; selected to match the site’s weathered sandstone the bedroom is built from sustainably-grown timbers,
whilst glass and aluminium fill in the gaps between the timber structure

The program

the building offers to its inhabitants a bathroom with private views out over the planted courtyard the bedroom and private lounge occupy the sunnier northern portion of the site whilst the dressing area creates a natural division between the bathroom and bedroom areas below the bedroom is an open area that allows for a natural garden to be cultivated

Closing thoughts

we often forget how wonderful Sun is; until it enters the room just perfectly