frankie pappas


wonderfully similar . beautifully different


imagine we could create a fictional persona
– a collective pseudonym –
that allowed us to put aside our egotisms, our blusters, our vanities,
and find a group of people whose similar ideals and different talents
create beautiful solutions for a remarkable new world.
that is frankie

wonderfully similar.   beautifully different



frankie exists for one reason:
to revere the future,
so that we can build the world we’d like to inhabit

by finding ways for coders, engineers, mathematicians, artists, managers and architects to collaborate under the roof of frankie, we’re able to create an environment in which we work together to find remarkable solutions to fascinating problems
from large scale to small, from urban design to buildings, to furniture, and art – frankie makes spaces, objects, experiences, and places that people write songs about
world dwelling of the year wallpaper’s 4 best houses in the world top 20 emerging architects in the world top 101 most exciting architecture firms globally yuanye international grand prize for best building international award for excellence in design + architecture

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