film collapsed into a single image

finding the graphic essence of a film
and portraying its muddied abstractness


inspired by our shared memories of favourite films,
this series of code-generated artworks pays homage to the pictures that have with us all these years

the story

sitting around a table,
and discussing our favourite scenes from our favourite films,
we began to imagine what it might look like if we could watch a film in a single image
it was this imagining that gave rise to this series of works

the process

we were able to write a piece of code that breaks up a film into its constituent frames
once these frames have been created,
the code averages out the colour value for every one of the ca. 8 million pixels
this process results in an image that is the mean frame of an entire film.


it is important to send a shout out to:
kazimir malevich, jackson pollock, and mark rothko

closing thoughts

these pieces are motion and memory arrested in space