never another year without love

carrying on yves’s legacy of wishing a year full of love for friends


for 36 years,
yves saint laurent sent new years cards to his loved ones
with his death in 2008,
so died his tradition of spreading love with a simple piece of art

the story

1978 and 1993
– due to personal traumas –
ysl failed to send out his yearly ‘love’ cards
in his card for 1979, you will see a 1978 bird flying off into the sky
in his card for 1994 you will see a 1993-petal floating off into the wind
he called these his ‘years without love’
we’re determined to have no more of these years

the process

every year we pick someone with whom we want to collaborate on a card
the only constraints are
that it must take no longer than a day to produce
and that it must be able to be produced over a (few) meals and a (few) bottles of wine


naturally the inspirations for this project are:
yves saint laurent and pierre bergé
who produced these cards every year from their jardin majorelle home in marrakech

closing thoughts

love is something built over decades
it is commitment and consistency