finding shadows in the bush

we take guidance from the fauna and flora of the bush
– how they dissolve into their surrounds –
we take this idea and dissolve our drawings into their own background


there are things that alter one’s life indefinitely.
the inevitable love-affair with the african bush is one of these things.
after africa, nothing can ever be the same

the story

we have always been awed by the bush.
armed with a camera and a sketchbook, the veld becomes a playground of colour and texture and shadow.
while taking black-and-white photographs of the winter bush, we were inspired to reduce these images even further.
the resulting pen-and-ink reductions are held in this collection

the process

these artworks are scratched with pen on paper, before being digitised, cleaned up, and vectorised.
this allows up to print incredibly high-quality drawings at massive scale


in producing these artworks, it is impossible to not give thanks to hendrik pieneef, izzy duarte, walter battiss, keith joubert, and zapiro

closing thoughts

because there in the bushveld lies my heart