mythologically funky

inspired by the strangest hisotrical dreamings of people


as curiously named as they are contrived:
tokeloshes, satyrs, abarimons, mermaids, biemmyes, tikbalangs, minotaurs, kappas, tarasques, pixius, garudas, echnidas, centaurs, sciopods, cynocephali.
these mythological creatures serve as inspiration for our monsters

the story

constructed from heads of goats, massive feet, ox bodies, dragon necks, eagle wings and turtle shells
– all awkwardly spliced onto human bodies –
these creatures have shaped and animated the myths of our cultures and the dreams of our children.

the process

we asked ourselves whether we could dream up our own monsters.
and so, with the expertise we gathered during those primary school cut-n-stick projects,
we set about continuing the maniacal traditions of forefathers.


a deep thank you must go out to:
wangechi mutu, hannah höch, buff monster, richard hamilton and every dream that ever turned into a myth

closing thoughts

a dream is the myth of single person.
a myth is the dreamings of a culture.