inspired by japanese masters; created by african craftsmen

a dining chair in the service of simplicity

The brief

to create an enduring piece of furniture
which can be simply and sturdily constructed from simple flat-pack elements

The ideas

​shibui – stringent, strict, sparse
wabi – quiet, solitary and serene
sabi – rusty, antique and patinated
these three concepts which were dear to george
are the concepts we try to bring through in the reinvention of his works

The materials

all of our furniture us manufactured from sustainably-grown timbers
the design of the joints allows for our works to be constructed from most local timbers

The solution

​the success of any piece of furniture lies in the resolution of the joints
the careful consideration of how two pieces of wood meet
is where this piece of furniture acquires its simplicity and its strength

Closing thoughts

the details are not the details: the details are the design