what’s in a name?

that by which we call ourselves
by any other name would be as great

frankie is a collective pseudonym

it is a name under which we can collaborate to produce the future in which we want to live

in 1934, an old old man

…burst onto the mathematical scene publishing revolutionary papers almost at will
the man hailed from the impoverished nation of ‘Poldevia’
– but had fled the war-ravaged land –
and now found himself on the left bank of the Seine giving lessons in belote in order to make ends meet
his name was nicolas bourbaki
and he would go on to revolutionise 20th century mathematics

but who then is frankie pappas?

in the 1966 Willard Manus wrote the satirical novel ‘Mott the Hoople’
– a book whose title gave rise to the irreverent glam rock band of the 70s –
in this book, the titular character’s best friend is frankie pappas
– a strange insubordinate and lippy human –

a collective pseudonym must represent the collective

it sounds silly, but anyone should feel comfortable sitting beneath the pen-name

closing thoughts

a pseudonym is a veil which allows us to unshroud ourselves