architecture is not an aesthetic discipline

architecture is about finding simple solutions to complex problems

architecture is losing its way

it is becoming a practice of artistic expression, a stylish and increasingly egotistical pursuit
where buildings take shape with little substance.
but it’s simple:
by unpacking the constraints of a project and resolving them, the building emerges.
simply and essentially, architecture is about solving complex problems.

when we begin a project

…a detailed set of parameters is established.
what is the budget? the climate? the security requirements? material constraints? environmental and social factors?
and so, it goes on.
these are the building blocks of a project, not an image or an idea borrowed from elsewhere.
making the intangible and complex, tangible and simple is a process we relish.

our job is to map out the constraints

…of a building and find a point where all of the given problems find a common solution.
where the design parameters overlap, that’s where we find solutions to problems and where a building naturally exists.
in that sense, the solution is absolute.
by assessing each individual parameter and giving it the correct weight, a building is born.
making the intangible and complex, tangible and simple is a process we relish.

reverence for the future

the final building and its components must be relevant and honour a future vision of architecture and its place in the world,
a vision that exists long after its inhabitants have departed.
we believe that even the smallest of buildings must serve greater cultural, social, economic and environmental issues. without this, architecture is in service of the architect.

closing thoughts

architecture is sculpting intangible factors into tangible form